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Residential Services

At Xpress Lock-Out Service, we offer residential locksmith services, in addition to an automotive locksmith service.

Our callers home security is a top priority for us, in which some locks need to be rekeyed because of a new tenant is moving in (or out), yet some locks need to be rekeyed because of an unpleasant and in most cases uncomfortable situation(s). A lost or stolen house key, Court Order, and most often a domestic violence situation payable to an ex - roommate & spouse or lover that keeps coming back...
At Xpress Lock-Out Service, we are aware of these different reasons and/or situations and do our best to assist our callers to maintain a high level of security, as when you feel safe, we know that our job is done!!!
One key should operate all locks.... Are you tired of carrying multiple keys for your own house??? Did you know that your locksmith can create a single key that will lock & unlock all of your house locks?

Call us at Xpress Lock-Out Service where we operate to maintain the highest level of professionalism & quality service to each of our callers by providing security products, and innovative service in a timely manner while maintaining friendly professional service to fully impact the needs of our callers... Also we operate as a trustworthy, fairly prompt, professional, affordable automotive & residential lock service!!!

Residential Door Lock

Home & Business Door Lock Service, including non-destructive entry!!!

Call us for service before you change your locks, especially for lock & key hardware upgrades, Re-keying locks, and Master key system...

Our service is the key, but our service always included Residential Door Locks & Security; more than just lockouts....

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Duplicate Keys For Your Home, Business, and Auto


Duplicate Keys Cut To Factory Specifications!

If you need to replicate or replace your car keys or house keys, let us handle it.... At Xpress Lock-Out Service, we offer 24 hour locksmith services, so if you need to have a key replicated right away, we can assist you. We'll have your copy finished and ready in no time at all! With the experience, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure a job done correctly with the highest level of reliability, professionalism, and friendliness. To take advantage of our key duplication and replacement services, please call us today.

Locks Change and/or 
Properly Re-installed... 
Re-keying Locks & Replacement Locks

Need to change a lock, re-key lock, replace a lock or install a lock? Our locksmith service can provide residential and commercial locksmith services. If you are looking for extra security, our locksmith can install most security locks. Controlling key combinations for all of your locks will ease your mind from potential lockouts or break-ins. For businesses, our locksmith can rekey your current lock system to a grand master key system to establish security and organization... Call Xpress Lock-Out Service where our Locksmith will come to your location and service your individual home or business security needs...

You Don't Have To Change Your Locks
Consider rekeying what you have already!!
Services include Residential & Business Door Service & Unlock, Deadbolt & Knob Rekey,  Keys, Hardware Upgrade & Installations, including Master Keying!!!

Xpress Lock-Out Service is honored and committed to providing Automotive Locksmith service to Delaware!

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