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BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Volkswagen & Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Acura Keys

Lost Lexus or Toyota Keys? We provide a money saving solution!!!

If you go to the Toyota/Lexus Dealership because of a lost keys situation, they will have to replace the computer in your vehicle. Replacing the computer in your vehicle can cost up to $2500.00 or more for the parts, labor, programming, and new keys.

We provide fast service on reflashing!!!

If you only have 1 Master key, please contact Xpress Lock-Out Service (302-476-5647) to get another Master key for a spare.
We also repair Remote Head Keys, and provide replacement electronics that go in the head of a remote key.
If you only have a Valet key for the vehicle or you don't have any other keys for
the vehicle we can help by reflashing vehicle's computer (ECM, ECU, or ICU) so it will accept new keys. Cutting a new non-remote key... (remote head keys available at additional
cost). We can provide this complete service on site, which includes coming to
your location, removing and reflashing the ECM, ECU or ICU, cutting and
programming new keys into your vehicle.


Vehicles in Question:

1998-2002 4 Runner

2003-2004 4 Runner

1998-2004 Avalon

1998-2003 Camry

2003-2004 Camry V6 Eng.

2001-2004 Highlander

1998-2002 Land Cruiser

2003-2004 Land Cruiser

2000-2004 MR2

2001-2004 Prius

2001-2002 Sequoia

2003-2004 Sequoia

1998-2003 Sienna

2004 Sienna

1999-2003 Solara

2003-2004 Solara


1998-2004 ES300

1998-2001 GS300

2001-2004 GS300

1998-2000 GS400

2001-2004 GS430

2003-2004 GX470

2001-2004 IS300

1997 LS400

1998-2000 LS400

2001-2002 LS430

2003-2004 LS430

1999-2002 LX470

2003-2004 LX470

1999-2004 RX300

2004 RX330 Japan

2004 RX330 North America

1998-2000 SC300

1998-2000 SC400

2002-2004 SC430

*Note: There are a selection of Honda/Acura Products, that require the same process in generating lost keys, and we are a money saving solution!!!

Immobilizer & ECU/ECM Programming+ Module Coding:

  • Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge

  • Ford & Mazda

  • Toyota & Lexus

  • Volkswagen & Audi

  • Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover

  • Nissan & Infiniti

  • Honda & Acura 

  • Mercedez Benz & BMW

  • Mitsubishi

  • Service Fee Start @ $125.00

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